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Pressure Washing in Bellevue WA
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Bellevue Pressure Washing Service
For over thirty years Jones Boys Maintenance has been keeping Bellevue WA clean. We can clean your business or house, and we also have the tools and experience to pressure wash the outside. Servicing both commercial and residential projects we provide thorough, affordable pressure washing. We can wash and restore building structures, driveways, fences, sidings, walkways, and other cement areas. Jones Boys will wash away the stains, dirt, and grime --- effectively cleaning and reestablishing your chosen space.
Residential Projects: For your home, we can effectively clean the building as well as pressure wash the surrounding walkways. Does your fence, or driveway need washing? We can do that too!  Restore some of your house's original luster by using our pressure washing services to remove years of germs, staining, and mold. This will improve curb appeal, and help keep your home in good shape. We always stand behind our work; offing professional, affordable services.  

Commercial Projects:​ When you are ready for a thorough pressure washing from professionals; give us a call. We are dependable and arrive quickly on-site; swiftly handling all of your pressure washing needs. Jones Boys is ready to clean the outside of your business as well as pressure wash any concrete areas such as driveways, parking lots, and walkways.

With Jones Boys one all truly does clean it all. We always work hard to exceed your service expectations and create on-going partnerships. Locally operated we are proud to serve the Bellevue area. Are you ready for your comprehensive quote?  Give us a call at 425-881-2977.

Jones Boys Maintenance Network has spent over 35 years cleaning impressively and assuring quality.

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