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Commercial Cleaning Services in Redmond

When your business facility needs professional cleaning, contact Jones Boys. Jones Boys Maintenance is locally owned and operated and has been serving the Redmond community for over thirty years. We take pride in providing the highest quality of office cleaning and janitorial for your building. Whether you own or manage an auto shop, medical facility, restaurant or large or small office we are here to help you clean.
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Commercial Office Cleaning Redmond WA
We offer regular maintenance programs as well as some deep cleaning services, like carpet cleaning, floor cleaning projects, window cleaning --- ALL TYPES OF CLEANING. We have all the training, experience and equipment to clean your facility correctly. We are expertly trained professionals for the kind of regularly scheduled office cleaning Redmond companies need for productivity. Jones Boys Maintenance specializes in quality-controlled cleaning services for any kind and any size business. With millions of square feet of cleaning experience, we are the company that Redmond relies on.

We will work hard for you and always aim to exceed your expectations and create long-lasting partnerships. We even have customers that have been working with us for over twenty years! We provide expert consistent service and we prove to be a reliable asset to your business (and for some key services, your home too!).  

For every service we provide precision and since our first days in business, we have been known for dependability. Jones Boys Maintenance provides meticulous work sets a high standard for in Redmond.  Give us a call for quality cleaning that Redmond businesses want and can be proud of -- THAT is who we are.

Jones Boys Maintenance Network has spent over 35 years cleaning impressively and assuring quality.

Call us at 425-881-2977 or fill out the form below to contact us or get a FREE quote!

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